Telegram is a free open-source instant messaging app, launched on 14 August 2013 for iOS and In Oct 2013 for Android by two brothers Nikolai and Pavel Durov. Their services like Messaging, video calling, group chats, file sharing, etc are similar to other messaging apps. You can create group chats for up to 200,000 members, share large videos, documents of any type. Everything on telegram like media, chats, etc is encrypted the same as you use a source like hnc assignment help services. They take your privacy for granted. There are up to 400Million active users. You can edit your photos and videos with this tool.
Telegram holds too many features. The most frequently used features are :
Send Silent Messages:
When you know your friends are in a meeting, sleeping, or studying and you don’t want to disturb them with the sound of your message. So this features Send Without Sound, which allows you to send the message freely to your friend without disturbing them. The receiver will get a notification, But it will not make any sound or vibration.

Save Messages :
For future use, we want to save some of the chats, images, files which we regularly send. So, keep it with the telegram feature Saved Messages. With this feature, you can save the chats, files, pictures, music, and movies from any chat to your cloud storage folder. I used this feature as a bookmark.
Edit Photos/Videos:
You can edit your photos and videos within the telegram, you don’t need other tools for editing. You can add stickers and emojis in the photos/video, you can crop and change the color of the photos/videos and you can change the effect and balance the saturation of your photos/videos.
Mute Contacts and Groups:
It’s annoying when someone continuously sending forward messages. This feature allows you to mute these types of annoying people’s chats. So, notification of that person’s messages does not annoy you anymore.

Auto-download and Auto-play Media:
Your storage is full of un-necessary videos that you don’t want to download and you don’t want to see this in your media. Disable the automatic media download from the Telegram settings.
Use Multiple Telegram Accounts:
You can use multiple accounts on telegram. This feature allows you to keep your personal account and professional account separate.
Share Live Location:
By using this feature, You can easily share your current location with your friend so they can easily track your location and reached the destination.
Control of Privacy and Security:
It’s up to you who sees your stories and if you don’t want that no one can add to the group without permission. Just enable this feature from the privacy and security settings.
Auto-Night Mode:
Enable auto night mode from the chat setting when you want dark mode in the night. so, your chatting does not make you blind.
Edit Sent Messages:
You find a typing mistake in the message which you were sent just before a second. You can just select the message and click on the Edit option then you can modify your message by this feature or for more help you can see fox assignment help services. You can only edit the message when it’s up to 48 hours of sending them.

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